Secret friend

Back to school means you sometimes want a secret friend on your side, these little boxes hide a secret friend.

Secret friend

My secret friend

My secret friend

You will need:

  • Card
  • Felt tips or pens
  • Glue

I’ve got templates for the box here and I redrew it to show fold and glue lines here secret friend matchbox template .

The template for the friends is here secret friend

Cut out the inner box template, and crease fold lines

Glue where indicated


Press the tabs onto the glue and fold over the flaps

Fold in the other flaps

Cut out and decorate your secret friend from the templates

secret friend 5

Cut out and decorate the name sash

Fold in the tabs on the secret friend and sash and glue carefully to the inside of the box (I put in a bee to keep my friend company)

While the glue is drying, decorate the outside of your box sleeve, then glue as indicated Slide the inner box inside the box sleeve Your secret friend is finished!

Fabulous tiny works of art here (Jenny Meilihove) and here (Kim Welling)


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